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Call number CWi 6375 A-B
Title Howe & Cushing's Circus
Collection Herald
Date 1894
Object Name Herald
Creator Russell Morgan and Company Printers, Cincinnati, Ohio
Scope & Content 10" x 27" -- black print on tan paper

Side A --"COMING IN ALL ITS WEALTH OF EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL FEATURES etc." Notable acts include Herr Vallendeck's animal exhibition, Unzie the antipodean wonder, Messrs. McMahon, the McCree brothers, the Martine family, Stillwell Bros., Wing, Arcaris, Montague, Legget, Karl, Foster, Vea, Jennings, Mora, Wolfe, Howard, Belle, Stacy, North, O'Brien, Fisher, Ambrose, Gonzalez, Lake, Monell, Raymond, Croll, Hunter, Parrett, Monte, Reed, Turner, Cook, Appleton, Charest, Hemmings, Seniah, Martin, Nagle, Romer, Athe, Thompson, Ryan, McCarthy, Benson, Franklin, Nichols, Blake, Hoxie, Van Brunt, Tournaire, Celeste, Burdeau, Rockwell, Lindell, Rochforte, Holland, Fontainbleau, Hudson, Sullivan, Johnson, Samuels, Queen, Page; Stillwell family, clowns Lon Moore, Ed. DeLong, Chas. Frazer, John Ryan, Joseph McCarthy, Frank Stacy, Jim Eggleston, James Smith, Robert Franklin and John Perry, Miss Blanche Reed, McCree Brothers.

Side B -- "STUPENDOUS RAILROAD SHOWS" Notable acts include Mons. Charest and troupe of bicyclists, John Quigley, Hippdrome females Reed, Martine, Arcaris, Rochelle, Mora, Holland, Burdeau, Weddell, Knowles, Singer, Hengler, Van Alstyne, Lornez, Kalbe, Gonzales, Reynolds, Young, Jansen, Nordjeng, Roeber, Murphy, DeMores, Livingston, Hoefling, Gambeatta, Stark, Faltis, Mitchell, Tabor, Seniah, Gehring, Gustave, Crompton, Starck, Cummings, Chas and Nina Melvin, Sandoval the strong man, Sig. Arcaris and sister.

St. Joseph, June 7

A herald was a form of advertisement used by circuses in conjunction with posters and curriers and would be distributed in advance of the arrival of a circus. Usually lacking any color and printed on newsprint, heralds often had the same appearance as a hand bill and could range from a one page one sided item to a multi paged publication similar in appearance to a newspaper.