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Call number CWM Mss 23
Collection Newspaper Advertisements 1793-1980
Date 1980
Object Name Manuscript
Creator Library Staff
Scope & Content The Circus Newspaper Advertisement Collection is an artificial collection created by library staff since 1965. The collection comprises of sixteen volumes and supplementary files containing original clippings of newspaper advertisements from an extensive number of circuses in the United States from between 1793-1980. The clippings are arranged within each volume chronologically by year and are not in alphabetical order.
Location Archives Stacks Vol. 1-16, Range 10; Folders 1-55, 23/2/17
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101 Wild West Show
A.B. Rothchild & Co. Royal Victoria Menagerie
A.Turner & Co.
A.W. Davis' Great Menagerie Olympian Exposition
Adam Fetzer's One Ring Shows & Animal Exposition
Adam Forepaugh and Sells Brothers
Adam Forepaugh Circus & Menagerie
Adam Forepaugh Shows
Adams and Sells 3 Ring Circus
Adams Bros. Circus
Agva Circus
Al F. Wheeler's Shows
Al G. Barnes and Sells Floto Combined Circus
Al G. Barnes Circus
Al G. Barnes Greatest 4 Ring Wild Animal Circus
Al G. Kelly & Miller Bros. Circus
Al G. Kelly and Dailey Bros. Circus
Albright's Circus
Alhambra Circus
Almond & Conley Circus
Altherr's Dog & Pony ShowBarnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth
American Big Top Circus
American, German, & French Circus
Andress New Colossal Show
Anglo-American Circus
Arthur Bros. Circus
Atterbury Bros. Circus
Austin Bros. Circus
Backenstroe's Cosmopolitan Circus
Backman-Tinsch Wild Animals Shows
Bailey Bros. Circus
Ballard, Bailey & Co.'s French Circus
Barmore's Monster Circus
Barnes Bros. Circus
Barnes-Carruthers, Inc. Presents Great European Olympia Circus
Barnett Bros. 3 Ring Circus
Barnett Bros. Circus
Barney Bros. 3 Ring Circus
Barnum & Bailey Circus
Barnum & Col. Wood's Grand National Baby Show
Barnum & London United Shows
Barnum & Van Amburgh Museum & Menagerie Company
Barnum's Grand Traveling Exhibition
Barr Bros. Circus
Bartholomew & Co.'s Pacific Circus
Bartok Circus
Batcheller & Doris' Great Railroad Show
Batcheller & Doris's Great Inter-Ocean Show
Bays Bros. Circus
Beers-Barnes Circus
Bell Bros. Circus
Belmont's New Shows
Beveridge's Great & Only Montana Wildest West
Bible Brothers' Animal Circus
Big John Strong's 1869 Circus
Big United States Circus and Menagerie
Bill Lake's Hippolympiad & Mammoth Circus
Biller Bros.
Birnam Bros. Circus
Black Bros.' 10 Cent Show
Bockus & Kiloni's Wild Animal Circus
Bond Bros. Railroad Shows
Bonham Bros. Circus
Bostock's Circus
Boyd & Ogle Circus
Boyd, Ogle & Hosking Wild Animal Circus
Bray Bros. 3 Ring Circus
Broadhurst Bros. Dog and Pony Show
Broadway Circus
Bronco Jon's Wild West Show
Buchanan Bros. Monster Railroad Shows
Buck Jones Wild West Show
Bud E. Anderson's Circus
Bud Hawkins Circus
Buffalo Bill's Wild West
Bulger & Cheney R. R. Shows
Burch & Reiss Trained Animal Shows
Burr Robbin's Great Menagerie, Roman Hippodrome & Egyptian Caravan
Burr Robbin's New Consolidated R.R. Shows
Burr Robbins & Co. Great Moral World's Exposition
Burr Robbins & Colvin Great American & German Allied Shows
Burr Robin's Great American & Rentz's Royal German Allied Shows
Butcher's Combination & Equestrian Gymnasium
C.R. Montgomery Circus
C.W. Noyes Great Crescent City Circus
Cameron's Grand Oriental Circus
Campa Brothers Circus
Campbell Bros. Great Consolidated Shows
Campbell Bros. Trained Animal Show
Campbell, Bailey, Hutchinson Combined Circus, Menag. & Wild West
Campbell's Bros.
Campbell's Grand Sextuple Combination of Circus, Museum & Menagerie
Campbell's Zoological & Equestrian Institute
Capell Bros. Circus
Capt. Al. Wilson's Trained Animals and the Arling Brothers Shows
Captain Wm. Sells Trained Wild Animals and the Great Sterling Bros.
Carl Hagenbeck Circus
Carl Hagenbeck Wallace Circus
Carl Hagenbeck's Trained Animals Circus & Menagerie
Carson & Barnes Circus
Castello & Van Vleck's Grand Multiserial Combination Circus
Castello and Co.'s R.R. Shows
Central Park Menagerie, International Circus & Iroquois Indian Troupe
Chapin's Colosseum & Circus Comique
Charles Hall's Colossal Shows
Chas. Hall's New All Feature Shows
Chas. L. Davis' Great Consolidated Shows
Chiarini's Royal Italian Circus
Christy Bros. Greater United Wild Animal Shows
Circus Genoa
Circus Kirk
Circus of America
Circus on Safari
Circus Vargas
Circus World Museum
Clark & Walters Circus
Clark Bros.
Clyde Beatty & Hamid-Morton Combined Circus
Clyde Beatty Circus
Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus
Cody & Carver's Prairie & Rocky Mountain Exhibition
Col. C.T. Ames' Grand Menagerie
Col. G.W. Hall's Big United States & Great Eastern 8 Consolidated Shows
Col. G.W. Hall's Circus and Bingley's European Menagerie
Col. G.W. Hall's United Railroad Shows
Col. Geo. W. Hall Shows
Col. Tim McCoy's Wild West
Cole and Rogers Combined Railroad Shows
Cole and Rogers Shows
Cole and Walters Circus
Cole Bros. Clyde Beatty Circus
Cole Bros. Circus
Cole's Colossal Circus Caravan
Cole-Rogers Combined with Cooper Bros. Shows
Conklin Bros. Commonwealth Circus
Conklin Shows
Conroy Bros. Circus
Continental 3-Ring Circus
Cook & Barrett's Combined Shows
Cook & Whitby Colossal English Circus
Cook & Wilson's Greatest Wild Animal Circus on Earth
Coop & Lent's New United Monster Shows
Cooper & Co.'s Shows
Cooper & Jackson's Great European Circus, Menagerie, Museum, & Congress of Living Wonders
Cooper Bros. Shows
Cooper, Bailey & Co.'s Great International 10 Allied Shows
Cooper's Equestrian Aggregation
Cortina's Wild West
Coup & Equescurriculum & Hatfield's Trained Horses
Cramer's Champion Circus
Crane & Co.'s Great Oriental Circus
Cristiani Bros. Circus
Cristiani Wallace
Cronin Bros. Circus
Cullins Bros. New Enormous Shows
Curtis-Gregg Circus
Cushion & Co.'s Circus Troupe & Menagerie
D.W. Stone's Grand Circus and Musical Brigade
Dailey Bros. Circus
Dan Castell's New Colossal Shows
Dan Castello's Great Centennial Museum, Menag., Double Gigantic Circus &
Dan Castello's Great Circus & Egyptian Caravan
Dan Rice 3 Ring Circus
Dan Rice Grand Consolidation
Dan Rice Mammoth Circus & Menagerie
Dan Rice Paris Pavilion Circus
Dan Rice's Circus
Dan Rice's Great Circus and Trained Animal Show
DeHaven's Combination of Circus & Trained Animals
Demott & Ward's United Circus & Menagerie
Den Stone's Great Original Railroad Circus
Diamond S. Rodeo Wild West Show
Dockrill's Parisian Circus Troupe
Dode Fisk's Dog & Pony Circus
Dorsey Bros. World-Toured Motorized Circus
Downie & Wheeler's World's Best Shows Combined
Downie Bros. Circus
Downie Bros.' Big 3 Ring Wild Animal Circus
Downie's Dog and Pony Show
Dr. Carver Great Wild West Show
Duke of Paducah Circus
E.E. Coleman's Circus and Trained Animal Shows
E.G. Holland & Co. Big 10 & 20 Cent Circus
E.G. Smith's Triple Combination Show
Eddy Brothers Circus
Elstun Bros. Famous Dog & Pony Show
Empire City Circus
Ernestine Myers and Fred Bays Mighty Circus
Eugene Robinson's Modern Marine Minstrels & Dog & Goat Circus
Eugene Robinson's Museum & Theatre
Exhibiting Company of Children
F.J. McCarthy's Arizona Wild West
F.J. Taylor's America's Greatest Shows
F.W. Burns & Co.'s R.R. Shows
F.W. Hall's United Wagon Shows
Fairyland Circus
Famous Cole Circus
Famous Robbins Circus
Federal Summer Circus
Fischer & Aiken's New Monster Railroad Shows
Flagg & Aymaris International Circus
Ford and Kough Circus
Forepaugh's Wild West
Fowler & Clark's Dog and Pony Shows
Franconi's Hippodrome
Frank A. Robbin's New Monster Shows
Frank L. Kirsch's Great Western Show
Franzen Bros. Circus
Fred J. Mack 3 Ring Circus
Freed's Dog and Pony Show
French & Co.'s Railroad Circus, Museum, Menagerie & Hippodrome
French & Co.'s Shows
French Circus - James M. June & Company
Frost's Roman Circus and Colosseum
Frost's Roman Circus and Royal Colosseum
Fun on the Farm - John M. Kelley
G.C. Quick & Co.'s Mammoth Menagerie
G.F. Bailey & Co.'s Great Circus
G.F. Bailey & Co.'s Great Combined Gymnasium & Zoological Arena
G.G. Grady's American Circus
G.R. Spalding Mammoth North American Circus
G.W. Belford's Greatest 10-Cent & 20-Cent R.R. Shows On Earth
G.W. Dehaven's Great Union Circus
Garden Bros. Circus
Gardner, Hemming & Co. Great American Circus
Gary Strong's Circus International
General Tom Thumb's Museum
Gentry Bros. Circus
Gentry Bros. Jas. Patterson Circus
Geo. Edwards-Engesser Big Railroad Shows
Geo. H. Adams' Pantomine Compnay
Gibbins & Chapman's Combined Shows
Gil G. Gray Shrine Circus
Gilbert Bros. Combined Circus
Globe Bros. Circus
Golden Bros. 4 Ring Wild Animal Circus
Gollmar Bros. Circus
Goodwin & Wilder's North American Circus
Gorman Bros. Circus
Grant's New Colossal Shows
Great Australian Circus
Great California Circus
Great Carver Show
Great Cole Bros.
Great Cooper & Robenson United R.R. Shows
Great Eastern Circus and Show
Great Eastern Menagerie Museum Aviary & Circus & Balloon Show
Great European Circus (The)
Great European Elephant Railroad Menagerie & Circus
Great Floto Shows
Great Forepaugh Show
Great Grecian Show & World's Circus
Great Hargreave's Railroad Shows
Great International Circus
Great International Menagerie, Museum, Aquarium & Circus
Great London and Sanger & Royal British Menagerie
Great Mammoth Empire City Circus
Great Monkey Circus & Burlesque Dramatic Troupe
Great New York Circus
Great Oriental Circus & Egyptian Caravan
Great Pacific Museum, Menagerie, Circus & Caravan
Great Paris Pavilion Circus
Great Rocky Mountain Show
Great Ron Morris Circus
Great Rothschild European Shows
Great Sanger Show
Great Skerbeck One Ring Show
Great Trans-Atlantic Exposition
Great United States Circus - James L. Thayer
Great Van Amburgh & Co. Great Golden Menagerie
Great Wallace Shows
Great Western Circus
Great Wintermate Trained Wild Animal Show
Great Wm. P. Hall Shows
Greater James M. Cole Circus
Greatest United Shows
Greer & Cannon's Wild West and Trained Animal Show
Gregory Bros. Allied Shows
Gregory Brother's Great International Show
Gregory, Crane, Waring, Tufts & Co.
Grenier Bros.
H. Buckley & Co. Great National Circus
H.M. Smith's Great American Circus
Haag Bros. Circus
Haag's Mighty Trained Animal Shows
Hagen Bros. Circus
Hagenbeck's Zoological Arena
Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus
Hagen-Wallace Circus
Haight & Chambers' Colossal Circus
Haight & Chambers' Colossal Circus & Ames New Southern Menagerie
Hall & MacFlinn, 2-Ring Circus
Hall & Shower's Combined Shows
Hall, J.J.
Hamilton & Rawdon's Indian & Variety Show
Hanneford Circus
Harley Sadler's Circus
Harrington's Nickle Plate & Pawnee Bills Buffalo Ranch
Harris Bros. Circus
Heber Bros. Greater Show
Hemmings, Cooper & Whitby's Extensive Menagerie and Circus
Heritage Brothers Big 3 Ring Circus
Herr Driesbach & Co.'s Grand Consolidated Circus
Hillard & Demott's Consolidated Shows
Hines Kimball Shows
Hobson Bros., Circus, Museum & Menagerie
Hodgini's Great European Shows
Holland & McMahon's World's Equestrian Congress
Holland Classical Circus
Holland, Bowman & McLaughlin's United Shows
Honest Bill's Trained Wild Animal Circus
Hook's Big Burlesque Society Circus
Hook's Big Country Circus
Horne Bros. Circus
Howard, Cron and Mullen's Dog and Pony Show
Howe & Cushing's Stupendous Railroad Show
Howe Bros. Circus
Howe's Famous Circus
Howe's Great London Circus
Howe's United States Circus
Howes Champion Circus
Howes, Tufts, Mobie & Co.
Hoxie Big 3-Ring Circus
Hoxie-Bardex Circus
Hudson & Castello's Great Railway Shows
Hugo Bros. Circus
Hummel, Hamilton & Co. Three Big Shows United
Hunt Bros. Circus Farm
Hunt Bros. Royal International Circus
Hunt's Bros. Three Ring Motorized Circus
Hunt's Circus
Hunting's Circus and Menageries
Hutchinson & Co.'s United Monster Shows
International 3-Ring Circus
Irwin Bros. Museum & Hippodrome
Irwin Bros. Wild West
J. H. Eschman European Shows
J.A. Wallace's Great Palace Circus
J.E. Warner & Co's Great Pacific Menagerie & Circus
J.E. Warner's Great Show
J.F. Taylor's Great American 25-Cent Circus
J.H. Eschman Shows
J.H. LaPearl's Great Allied Shows
J.M. French's Grand Oriental Circus
J.P. Booker's Early American Circus
James E. Cooper's Grand Consolidated Menagerie
James M. June & Co.'s American and European Amphitheatre
James Robinson & Co.'s Great Circus & Animal Show
James Robinson's Champion Circus Wold Ryan & Robinson's Circus & Menagerie
James-Christy Circus
Jas. L. Thayer's Circus
Jay Gould's Million Dollar Circus
Joe B. Webb's Circus
Joe Pentland's Circus
John B. Doris' Great Inter-Ocean Shows
John B. Dorris' New Monster Shows
John H. Murray's Great Railroad Show
John H. Spark's World Famous Shows
John O'Brien's Six Separate Shows
John Robinson's & Franklin Bros.
John Robinson's Circus
John Robinson's Wild West
John Robinson's World's Exposition
John Stowe & Co.'s Great Western Circus
Johnny J. Jones Exposition
Johnson & Co.'s Peoples' Circus
Jones Bros. & Wilson's
Jones Bros. World Toured Shows
Joseph Cushing The Great United States Circus & Menagerie
June & Co.'s Great Oriental Circus
June & Turner Proprietors
June, Titus, Angevine & Co.
Kay Bros. Circus
Keane & Co.'s Combination
Kelley Bros. Dog and Pony Show
Kelly & Morris Circus
Kemp's Wild West and Indian Congress
King & Franklin's Colossal Shows & Wild West
King Bros. - Sells & Gray
King Bros. and Cristiani Combined Circus
King Bros. Circus
King, Burke & Co.'s Great American Allied Shows
Kiralfy Brothers
Kirkhart & Ryan's 2 Big Shows United
Kit Carson's Buffalo Ranch Wild West
L.B. Lent New York Circus
L.B. Lent's Mastodon R.R. Shows
L.J. Duchack's Great New London Railroad Show
L.W. Washburn's Shows, Circus, Menagerie & Hippodrome
Lailson's Circus
Lake & Co.'s Great Western Circus
Lakes Hippo-Olympiad & Mammoth Circus
LaMont Bros. Shows
Larry Sunbrock's 3 Ring Big Top Circus
Latena's Big 3 Ring Wild Animal Circus
Lee & Bennett's Great North American Circus
Lee & Ryland's Cosmopolitan Circus
Lee and Howe's Circus
Lee Bros. Circus
Lemen Bros. Colossal Shows
Lemon Brothers
Lent's Broadway New York Circus
Leon M. Washburn's Famous Shows
Leonard Bros. Circus
Levi J. North's Circus
Lew Hershal Circus
Lewis Bros. Big Circus
Lewis Bros. Circus
Lindeman Brothers World's Greatest Motorized Shows
Lorrelaud's Circus Wold King, Burke & Co.'s Allied Shows
Lovett & Johnson's Equine & Canine Paradox
Lowande's Great Brazilian Circus
Lucky Bill's Big Wagon Shows
M.L. Clark & Sons Circus
M.O'Connor & Co.'s Great Western Circus
Mabie's Great Show
Mack Hale Circus
Maginley, Carroll & Co.'s Great Consolidated Circus
Main & Co.'s New United Mammoth Shows
Maley's 3-Ring Circus
Mall & Miller Overland Shows
Marion & Castello's Great Interocean Shows
Martin's Great Show
McDonald Bros' New United Shows
McFlinn & Hall's Great Allied Circus & Menagerie
McMahon's Hippodrome
Melbourn United Shows
Melville's Australian Circus
Messrs. A. Turner, Son & Co.
Messrs. Fogg & Stickney Circus
Messrs. Pepin & Breschard Circus
Mid-America Circus
Mighty Haag Shows
Mike Lipman's Circus Wold George W. DeHaven & Co.'s Imperial Circus
Miles Orton's Grand Peerless Circus, Museum & Menagerie
Mill's Bros. Circus
Miller Bros. & Edw. Arlington's 101 Ranch Real Wild West
Miller Bros. 101 Ranch Real Wild West
Miller Bros. Shows
Miller-Johnson Circus
Milliken Bros. Circus
Mills Bros. Circus
Mitchell's Royal Yeddo Japanese Troupe
Monroe Bros. Circus
Mons. Francois Seigrist's Great French Circus
Monte Carlo International Circus
Montgomery Queen's California Circus and Menagerie
Montgomery Queen's San Francisco Circus
Moon Bros. Circus
Morris Bros.' Peerless Dog & Pony Show
Moscow Circus
Mr. Cressin - Exhibition
Mrs. Dan Rice Great National Circus
Mulhall's Wild West
Murdick Bros. 2 Ring Circus
Myers & Madigan's Railroad Circus
Myhres' Eastern Circus
Nathans & Co.'s New Consolidated Stupendous Confederation of Railroad Shows
National Circus
New England Zoological Exhibition
New Orleans Circus & Menagerie
New York Champselysees Circus
New York Circus, Museum & Menagerie
Newton Bros. Circus
Nixon & Co.'s Mammoth Circus
Nixon's New York Circus
Noel E. Waring Zoological Institute
Norris & Rowe's New Big Shows
Norris Bros Peerless Dog & Pony Show
Norris Bros. Circus
O'Brien's Grand Caravan
O'Dell's Famous Hippodrome
Oklahoma Historical Wild West Exhibition
Oklahoma Ranch Wild West
Old Dan Rice's Excelsior Circus
Old John Robinson Great World's Exposition
Older's Grand Museum, Circus & Menagerie
Olympic Circus
Orange Bros. Greater 3 Ring Circus
Orton & Older's Great Southern Circus
Orton Brothers Great Circus
Orton's Anglo-American Railway Circus
P. Ryan's Wild Beasts
P.T. Barnum Museum & Menagerie
P.T. Barnum's Great Traveling World's Fair
P.T. Barnum's Greatest Show on Earth
Palmer Bros. Wild Animal Circus
Palmer's Great Western Circus
Parker and Watts Circus
Parson & Roy's Great Palace Show
Patterson's Trained Wild Animal Circus
Pawnee Bill's Historic Wild West
Plunkett's Stage Show & Circus Combined
Polack Bros. Circus
Prairie Joe's Wild West
Prof. D.M. Bristol's Equescurriculum
Prof. Gentry's Canine Paradox
Prof. Gentry's Wonderful Educated Dogs & Ponies
Prof. Geo. Bartholomew Equine Paradox
Pullman & Co.'s Great Consolidated Railroad Shows
Pullman & Hamilton's Great London Seven-Fold Confederation
Purdy, Welch, Macomber & Co. Menagerie
R. Sands & Co. & G.C. Quick & Co.
R.W. Weldon & Co.'s New Railroad Circus & Menagerie
Railroad Circus & Crystal Amphitheatre
Ralph Little's Am. Museum & Zoological
Raymond & Co & Van Amburgh's Menagerie
Raymond, Waring & Co.
Real Wild West Show 101 Ranch
Rentz's Royal German Allied Shows
Reo Bros. Circus
Rhoda Royal Circus
Rice Bros. Circus
Richard Bros. World Famous Circus
Rickets Circus
Ring Bros. Circus
Ringling "Classic and Comic" Concert Company
Ringling Bros. & Van Amburgh United Monster Shows
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
Ringling Bros. World's Greatest Shows
Rippel's New United Shows
Rivers & Derion's Grand Oriental Circus
Robbin's Bros. Big 4 Ring Wild Animal Circus
Robbins & Co.'s Great Moral World's Exposition
Robbins Bros. Circus
Robbins Bros. Circus
Robbins Great American and Rentz German Allied Show
Robert G. Earl Circus
Roberts Bros. Circus
Roberts Circus
Robertson, Eugene
Robinson & Eldred's Great Southern Circus
Robinson & Howes Champion Circus
Robinson Great Circus and Menagerie
Robinson's Big Show
Robinson's Famous Shows
Robinson's Mammoth Dime Museum
Rockwell & Co.'s Mammoth Circus
Rockwell & Stone
Rogers & Harris Three Ring Circus
Rogers Bros. Circus
Romelli & Co.'s Great Novelty Circus
Rooney's All Star Circus
Rosston, Springer & Henderson's The Great Mastodon
Roulstone's Circus
Rowe & Co.'s Pioneer Circus
Rowe Bros. Circus
Royal & Adams Indoor Circus
Royal Bros. Circus
Royal English Circus & German Water Carnival
Royal Wild West Circus
Rudy Bros. Circus
Russell Bros. Circus
Russell Bros. Pan-Pacific Circus
S.B. Howes Great European Circus
S.H. Barrett & Co.'s Railroad Shows
S.O. Stokes' Roman Hippodrome & Circus
S.O. Wheeler Great International Circus
Sam B. Dill's Circus
Sand's & Nathan's & Co. American Circus and Elephant Exhibition
Sand's Great American Exhibitions & Astley's Renowned European Shows
Sands, Lent & Co.'s American Circus
Sanger's Combined Shows
Sanger's English Menagerie
Sautelle's Greatest, Grandest, and Best One Ring Circus
Sautelle's Nine Big Shows
Schell Bros. Greater Combined Wild Animal Shows
Seal Bros. Wild Animals Circus
Seers Bros. Circus
Seibel Bros. United Shows
Seible Bros. Dog & Pony Show
Seigrist's Great French Circus
Seils-Sterling Circus
Sells & Rentfrow's Enormous Combined Railroad Shows
Sells and Gray
Sells Bros. Circus
Sells Floto Circus
Sells-Sterling Shows
Shelby, Pullman & Hamilton's United Mastodon Shows
Shelby's New Great Golden Shows
Siebrand Bros. Circus
Silver Bros. Circus
Singer's Midgets
Sipe & Dolman's World's Greatest Equine & Canine
Sipe, Dolman & Blake's Dog, Pony & Monkey Show
Skerbeck & Co.'s Old Time One-Ring Circus
Skerbeck's Amusement Co.
Skerbeck's Great One Ring R.R. Show
Sloat Sherpard's Great Northern Circus
Smith & Baird's Excelsior Circus
Solls Bros. Circus and Wild West
Southern Circus
Spalding's North American Circus
Sparks Circus
Sparks World Famous Shows
Spalding & Rogers
Sprague's Colossal Circus & Trained Animal Show
Springer's Royal CirQzoolodon Monster Menagerie, Circus, Hippodrome
St. Louis Circus & Cosmopolitan Allied Shows
Stang Brothers' Greater Shows
Star Bros. 3 Ring Circus
Sterling Brothers Circus
Stevens Bros. Circus
Stickney's Railroad Circus
Stone & McCollum's Leviathan Estab. Great Western Circus
Stone & Murray Circus
Stone Rosston & Murray's Circus
Stone, Rosston & Co.'s Great New York Circus
Sun Brother's Shows
Sutton Bros. Combined Shows
T.K. Burk's Consolidated Shows
T.K. Burk's Trans-Atlantic Railroad Shows
T.R. Myer's Great Western Circus
Terrell Bros.
Terrell Jacobs Wild Animal Circus
Texas Bill Wild West
Texas Charlie's Far West Exhibition
Thayer Noyes & Co.'s Grand Combination Circus
The Empire Circus
The Grand Circus Royal, English Menagerie, Astley's Museum, Aquarium, Etc.
The Great Consolidation Circus
The New York Champselysees Circus
The Stone & Rossiton Circus Combination
Tiger Bill's Wild West Best Show on Earth
Tippo Sultan Caravan
Tom Mix Circus
Tom Thumb & His Family
Tourniaire & Whitby's New York National Circus
Turell Curiosities
United States Circus E.F. & J. Mabie
Van Amburgh Menagerie Company
Van Bros. Circus
Van's Free Dog and Pony Show
Vanderburg Bros. Circus
Villallare & Company
Voorheis Bros. Circus
W. O'Dale Steven's Great Pacific Combination
W.B. Reynolds' Consolidated Shows
W.C. Coup Equescurriculum
W.C. Coup Monster Shows
W.H. Coulter's Famous Railroad Shows
W.H. Harris's Nickle-Plate Shows
W.W. Cole's Colossal All-Feature Shows
W.W. Cole's Great Race Show
W.W. Cole's New York & New Orleans Circus
W.W. Coles' Great New York and New Orleans Zoological & Equestrian Exposition
Wallace & Anderson's Three Ring Circus
Wallace & Clark Wild Animal Circus
Wallace & Co.'s World's Menagerie
Wallace Bros. Circus
Walter G. Gentry Circus
Walter L. Main Circus
Walter L. Main Fashion Plate Shows
Washburn and Dalma's Trained Animal Shows
Washburn's Great Indian Amphitheatre & Circus
Welch & Delavan Circus
Welch & Man's Mammoth National Circus
Welch's National Circus
Welsh & Sand's Great New Orleans & San Francisco Railroad Circus
Welsh Bros' Shows
West Brothers United Railroad Shows
Wheeler and Sautelle's Circus
Wheeler Bros. Greater Shows
Wheeler, Hatch & Hitchcock's Circus & Hippodrome
Whitebeck's Circus
William Lake Circus
Williams and Co.'s R.R. Shows
Wiziarde Trained Animal Circus
Wm. Ducrow's Circus Royal
Wm. T. Thornton's Great Berlin Museum & Menagerie
Wood & Ewers Combined Shows
Wood Bros. World United Shows
Wootten & Andrew's Great Calisthenic Exposition
World Bros. Circus
Wyant's Museum of Natural Curiosities
Yankee American Show
Yankee Patterson Circus
Yankee Robinson & Ringling Bros. Double Show
Yankee Robinson Circus
Yankee Robinson's Consolidated Shows
Young Buffalo's Wild West & Texas Rangers
Zallee Bros. Circus
Zell Bros. Circus
Zellmar Bros. Trained Wild Animal Shows